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US Hydraulics Inc

The #1 Hydraulic Service Provider in New England for all your Fluid Power Service needs!

US Hydraulics Inc is a Veteran-owned company which has over 30 years of design experience in the application, selection and manufacture of standard and specialized hydraulic equipment. 

We Repair, Replace, Refurbish and Design

Our capabilities are endless... With a facility that houses everything from equipment repairs to fabrication needs, to component sales and on-site troubleshooting.  We have the solutions to keep you going.... 

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US Hydraulics Inc

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About US Hydraulics Inc


We are far more than a hydraulic repair and manufacture facility, we are a Team of Craftsman committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality of service, value and best solutions to assist you in keeping your competitive edge.

We offer each of our customers fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions not only in repairing their systems, equipment or components but also in helping to prevent its' failure in the future.  

Industries Served:

We specialize in a variety of hydraulic services  used in Industrial, Manufacturing, Commercial, Marine, State and Federal operations. Example industries include injection molding, blow molding, steel, wood, food processing equipment construction and various other industries through out New England. 

Not close by?   We gladly encourage LTL and UPS drop shipments for evaluations as well. 

Services USH has to offer you



With over 30 years of hydraulic engineering and hydraulic service experience in the Manufacturing, Industrial, Commercial, State and Federal Sectors we proudly offer our many services of:

 We Repair, Replace, Refurbish, Design

  • All makes, models and sizes of Equipment Repairs
  • Full In-House Machine Shop
  • Fabrication Center
  • High Pressure Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Motor, Pump, Valves (All Makes and Models)  
  • Cylinder repairs, replacement or custom fabrication 
  • Custom hydraulic power units 
  • On-site field service/ troubleshooting
  • Fabrication of custom or obsolete parts 
  • Welding Srvc Tig/Mig
  • Engineering designs
  • Systems design- HPU
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Hydraulic hose fabrication


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Project for NASA competition! USH built

a custom lifting platform incorporated into the visionary award-winning 3D printing robot Harpoon 3 known as MARSHA (Mars Habitat) for the Final and ultimate Winners of the NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration Mars 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. AI Space Factory was able to 3D print their prototype MARSHA (Mars Habitat) from bottom to top utilizing our custom platform designed and custom built  Utilizing our custom platform along with the 3D printing robot, they succeeded in printing what is believed to be the world’s tallest in-situ 3D printed structure in just 30 hours.  Next project is TERA - a direct descendant of Marsha and its associated technologies - to create futuristic, sustainable homes on Earth and ultimately on #MARS  https://www.aispacefactory.com/post/ai-spacefactory-wins-1st-place-prize-for-nasa-3d-printing-habitat-challenge 

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